As one of the leading digital agencies in the world, Sadja WebSolutions located in Uganda, Africa, is a force to reckon with. We are known for giving the best of the digital world. From web design to web hosting, Sadja WebSolutions is the go too!

With the presence of a growing technology trend, we have evolved and with us, only the current and unique designs are acceptable. Our clients who span across all strata will testify we are the word “professionalism” and our capable web designers are masters in the game. No challenge is too great.

Whether you’re a corporate outfit, small and medium business or startup. Our designs are tailored to suit your tastes and budget. Designs so outstanding, you will beat the competition.

Web Design At Sadja WebSolutions

Think web designs, think Sadja WebSolutions!  We are very creative and we have the best hands to give you custom made finishing. To us, every design and every client is unique! We listen, plan an give you full satisfaction.

From understanding the concepts of your design to implementation and maintaining it. We whipped this up in record time! All you need do is to place your order, Leave the job to us and rest easy.  We will give it our magic touch and voila! Your website is ready to launch.

Now, here’s the good news. We are very affordable and pocket-friendly!

Check out our attractive all-inclusive web design basic plan.

Are you just starting out and trying to get your business off the ground? You have a lot of things to put in place, one of which is reaching a larger audience. At this point, you may be cash-strapped, but you have to do what needs to be done, for the success of your business.

This is where we come in! Sadja WebSolutions is all for creativity, Uniqueness and connecting everyone. With us, there is something for you, no matter what your budget is.

Our basic plan is aimed at giving startups a chance. Not only the opportunity to be out there but with a quality website design that announces you and helps you stand out in the midst of competition.

We also ensure that your website is search engine optimization friendly and fully functional, with no technical hitches. All these and more, in a basic plan for the price of 260 USD only! What a time to be alive? It doesn’t get any better!

Other perks include;

Delivery time: 10 days.

Think no more of how to go about your website design. Reach out to us at Sadja WebSolutions and we will efficiently deliver!

Think of unique web design!  Think Sadja WebSolutions! Make that call today! +256414661906


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Digital Marketing services in Uganda – Sadja WebSolutions

With the increasing rate of internet growth countrywide, the need to transfer the business marketing platform to a digital market has been increasing year after year in Uganda with most businesses joining the digital market to improve their market and client tale, awareness of the company on the online network.
Whether you notice or not, millions of businesses in Uganda now have an Instagram, twitter account following numerous Facebook accounts. These numbers increase rapidly with an estimated 75% of the companies in Kampala with one having many reports on the internet.

Digital Marketing includes: search engine optimization, Social media marketing, pay per click marketing, Conversion rate optimization, Email marketing and more.

Search Engine Optimization: Is where your website is put on a valuable level to search engines and in return, you get highly ranked when people search for products or services you offer in their search results. With the growing web design rate in Kampala where every business now owns a website where they sell their products or promote their services, the SEO is the way to go.
Social media marketing: With the trending growth on the internet, every business needs an online presence where its customers can be able to access it services or products. Starting with boutiques where you can place your order through Facebook and then delivered, to the hotels where you can book a hotel room online.
Pay-per-click: is a version of internet marketing where advertisers pay a fee every time their advert is clicked which increases traffic to the business resulting in more customers and increased visibility on search engines. With every business operating with a website, this is the way to go.
Conversation Rate Optimization: During this process, you optimize your online marketing to generate more leads from all the traffic you get through all the marketing channels. There is nothing more frustrating than getting more likes on all your marketing platforms but still not able to make any or less money than you are supposed to make. This is where Conversation Rate Optimization comes in, and it involves the creation of new ways to turn your visitors into more engagement so that they can offer more contact information willingly and these eventually turn into potential and loyal customers.
The whole concept of digital marketing is not just about getting more likes, adding more content, buying ads from Google or even just marking posts on your pages, but the secret lays in a strategy, kind and quality of digital marketing efforts and here at Sadja Web Solutions, we do all the best to get what your audience needs and to give you the best out of your digital marketing.



Communication is a fundamental aspect of humanity. Humans, being the social beings they value communication as a great aspect of their social life. Over the years man has looked for how to keep in touch with his kind, especially over long distances. In the beginning was the messenger who delivered verbal messages. Then written messages as verbal communication faced its challenges like the real meaning of messages getting lost in interpretation. Fast forward, we had letters and the post office system before technology came and ushered in a new way of communication with emails.

Emails have always been a big factor in enabling communication in today’s technological world. Emails have changed the way we communicate both on a personal and business level.  Today I want to focus on emails and how they have transformed the way we do business with more interest on how you can get the most out of your business email activity.

There’s no doubt email is a very integral part of business growth and development facilitating communication that simplifies running business. Whether it’s sending communication among team members internally or communicating with clients the significance of emails can’t be downplayed. Email marketing is an integral part of marketing helping businesses communicate effectively on a personal basis their vision, values, products and generate much-needed awareness for their brand’s its products and services.


To be able to benefit from one’s business emailing activity, brands will have to take this vital factor into account like;

It’s okay to use public email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail but it makes your brand look way more serious and professional when you use your own private domain like In an era of email scams and spam, using private domains helps increase confidence in your emails when they get into the recipient’s’ inboxes.

The fantastic news is that owning your own private domain name is no longer really that hard or expensive as you can get your own email domain name and as many as 25 free emails for as low as $100 a year. This comes with FREE one year hosting. So purchase your domain, business email and small business website right now using at Sadja WebSolutions one of the best business class emails hosting providers

Using your own private domain helps you customize your email addresses as you may so wish which is not the case when you are using a public service provider. With a private domain, you have all the liberty to customize your addresses with no limitations or no one telling you the address you want is already taken.

It’s close to impossible to do business today without an email.  While it can be so tempting to want to save money by using the many free options available on the market it’s only reasonable to have your own professional email address. Trust me it will be worth it spending a few dollars on it.

Stay up to date on the latest in web design trends and online marketing techniques on our BLOG.

By Baraka Kalumba


Software Development Services Uganda

mobileappz-office-mobile-app-development-company-5Software development services Uganda is an idea that can give solutions for the issues of business associations, which rose to the conventional methods for working. If you are using prepared to utilize and reports, it turns out to be more conspicuous about squandering an opportunity to deteriorate on the off chance that you keep on using it if it doesn’t address your issues. Numerous business associations consider picking the product which is accessible for nothing and this can make a bigger number of issues as opposed to using the product by any stretch of the imagination and keep on working while at the same time playing customary pen and paper, a pile of books and records.

With regards to custom Software, it remains precisely as the name recommends, individual, or business. Custom Software is made after investigation of the issues, their work forms, work with your present framework and an examination of how your representatives will take a shot at it amid a standard method to locate the correct answer for your requirements and give you the coveted outcome shapes, reports, comes about advantages. In any case, you are looking for the best software development services in Uganda, then the reliable name here is- Sadja Web Solutions. To get the right software development services, contact us now!

Sadja WebSolutions provides software development services and mobile app development with our professional software application developers. You can also drop an e-mail here in Free Quotation Form to have more info on how you can receive software development services +256752241362

Graphic and Branding Design Services Uganda


Graphic design services in Uganda is about something beyond appearances and gives numerous a greater number of advantages than basically making something look great. Its significance is frequently belittled, yet great design can bring numerous noteworthy business benefits. At the point when used adequately Graphic design can support your organization’s marketing and be informing through Graphic communication, giving it more noteworthy energy to illuminate, teach, or influence your group of onlookers. Here is a portion of the advantages:

You need your organization to establish an extraordinary first connection. The use of logos, pictures and development can help make an expert picture of your organization according to your gathering of people. At the point when legitimately connected, the Graphic design offers Graphic consistency through the greater part of your promoting endeavours, which manufactures your organization’s personality and brand acknowledgement.

Graphic design sets up your Graphic designer, which reflects your organization’s main goal and qualities. Your organization’s marking starts with an incredible logo at that point extends to each part of your business communications, be it stationery, introduction formats, leaflets, promotions, sites or video.


If you are looking the best graphic designing services in Uganda, then you should get in touch with experts like Sadja WebSolutions. Contact now and get quotes today! +256414661906 or +256752241362

Digital Marketing Services Uganda


In view of Uganda, we are an exceptionally experienced digital marketing service providers with customers wherever from Uganda and adjacent areas. Our new, remarkable and authoritative way to deal with digital marketing services in Uganda ensures you will get the introduction you have to succeed.

These days, it’s a need to have a solid online presence as this is the place the dominant part of your clients go when searching for a service. Regardless of what business you’re in, your site is just tantamount to the general population it comes to. Along these lines, it’s of indispensable significance for organizations both expansive and little to include in the best positions on the main page of Google. As a result-driven SEO company, we can give master exhortation and compelling systems which help visibility on the web, as well as enhance your business overall.

The online world is developing quickly, and without help, it can be anything but difficult to get left behind. As a demonstrated SEO organization, we work energetically to manufacture long haul associations with every one of our customers, to digital marketing services in Uganda and give master guidance and services to get you where you should be. If you are looking to get these services, contact us now! We are just a phone call away.

Choose Sadja WebSolutions Company today for the best results and marketing services. Visit our website today for more info on choosing the right digital marketing services in Uganda. Give us call: +256744241362

Graphic Design Company & Website Design Services Uganda – Sadja WebSolutions


Initial introductions mean everything. Thus alone, it’s essential to have a site that mirrors your business well. Therefore, website designing plays an important role. At Sadja WebSolutions, we offer exceptional website design services Uganda at affordable rates. Our in-house group of developers and designers have the ability to create astounding practical designs which center around accomplishing extraordinary outcomes, regardless of if it’s for deals, business enquiries or something more.

We trust that examining and understanding the specific needs of our customers gives us an intense designing tools for making both stylishly shocking and practical website compositions. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a compelling eCommerce solution for offer your item, a site to advance your business, or even a handout webpage – our web specialist of website design company Uganda can help you at all times. We understand the value of unique web design and therefore offer exceptional yet responsive web designing services for you. Regardless of the theme of your site, we offer the best designing services for your needs.

With an ever-increasing number of individuals using cell phones, having a cutting edge responsive site is basic. A responsive design guarantees visitors will profit regardless of what the gadget or determination utilized, which enhances the general client encounter massively.

To learn more tips on How to Choose a Website Design Company, visit our website design company located in Uganda. Please call us : +256744241362 and we will be more than happy to assist.

Digital Marketing Company & Digital Marketing Services in Uganda – Sadja WebSolutions


Regardless of how successful a business as of now is, business pioneers are continually searching for better approaches to expand their revenue. While just playing with the numbers can some of the time do the trap, A reputed digital marketing Company Uganda can offer an imaginative way to deal with conventional revenue creating methodologies. Digital marketing addresses one or a mix of these procedures through business perceivability and lead age that gets new clients and new undertakings. The Digital marketing world is continually changing with new advances. While it isn’t important to attempt each and every new innovation, it is basic to keep yourself refreshed on what works for your business and for your customers. Understanding your objective market and customers is key in enhancing your Digital advertising and expanding your revenue.

Digital marketing is required for organizations that need to endure the difficulties of the online world. Digital marketing includes a wide range of tools and errands, which would all be able to be used to achieve an assortment of objectives identified with more grounded marking, better commitment, expanded activity, pulling in prospects, changing over guests into leads, creating deals, and so on. If you are looking for a reputed digital marketing services Uganda, then the name you can trust is Sadja Web Solutions.

Interested to find out how Sadja WebSolutions can help you? Then check out our extensive digital marketing portfolio today. Give us call : +256744241362

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